xp85goblin's Journal

Data Ranger
Was born in Hartford Connecticut, my parents divorced in 1979, which marked my mother's slide into schizophrenia. My dad took custody of me when I was 16. I wanted a military career as a pilot but lacked the emotional maturity to make the right moves. I did a year at a community college then was kicked out by my dad. I opted to join the air force. While waiting for basic, I fell in love for the only time in my life. It was a disaster. Basic was hard and my air force career was only two miserable years. I left the air force and went to nearby San Francisco. There, I came down with schizophrenia as well. I called my Grandma, who had cared for my mother when I was ill, and she agreed to take me in. The next ten years were spent in Ocala, Florida getting my bachelors degree, computer certifications and just general healing. I am starting a new life in Atlanta, trying to do will period, not just do well for someone with a mental illness.